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Welcome to the WTB Database

The WTB is a small group of theme developers and this will be the home of our all custom Wii themes.

Please read this before using any of our themes.

All our themes are tested but there is always a chance of making a mistake and bricking your Wii (your Wii becomes inoperable). To prevent this PLEASE install Preloader or bootmii as boot2 before trying any themes. If you do not know what Preloader or bootmii are please contact Malkierian and he will help you. We are not responsible for any damage done to anyone's Wii, just install one of the programs listed above and if there ever is a problem you should able to fix it.


4.0/4.1 mym's can also be used on the 4.2 system menu as long as you have the original 4.2 app as a base.

New Themes

Theme Categories




Color Edits

Comic Books






TV Shows


Wiiflow Themes

Help and Information

How to install a Theme

Brlyt info/Walkthrough


Those that pioneered the theme scene, thanks for all your hardwork and many bricks.

Anybody that developed any of the tricks or edits we use, without you our themes wouldn't be the same.

Icefire for making the Mymenu app, we couldn't do what we do without mymenu.

Anybody thats ever downloaded one of our themes and enjoyed it, your the ones that make it all worthwhile.

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